Royal Queen Skunk #1 feminized

skunk 1 feminized royal queen feminizedThese Skunk#1 feminized seeds from Royal Queen seeds keeps all the great features of the Skunk including big buds, great taste, that awesome ‘skunky’ smell, and uplifting body stone :).

Best known for its massive central cola, Skunk#1 can grow up to 150 cm indoors although it doesn’t stretch too much during it flowering cycle so no worries there.

This Sativa dominant hybrid delivers around 500 grams per M³ of growing space when growing indoors.

Royal Queen Skunk#1 feminised seeds can be grown outdoors too although for a larger yield a warm and sunny Mediterranean climate is needed. It will grow father north, and produce a decent crop, given its short flowering cycle, (7 to 8 weeks) but yields will be less than grown indoors.

Sativa-dominant, it grows up to a metre and a half tall indoors,and is pretty easy-going to grow – not stretching during flowering as much as other Sativas, and producing a giant cola.

For top potency, give it an extra week before harvesting. Either way you can expect high THC levels of 15+% and a moderate CBD level giving a strong but balanced high when smoked.

Skunk#1 is best known for its strong aroma, sweet fruity taste, and balanced effect when smoked – a relaxing body stone along with a cerebral happy high.

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skunk1 feminized seeds

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Legal notice: Although we do not claim to be legal experts in all areas of marijuana seeds sale and marijuana cultivation it is our opinion that the sale, purchase, and possession of Skunk#1 feminized marijuana seeds is not prohibited in most jurisdictions. Hence the sale of Skunk#1 feminized marijuana seeds does not contravene any laws. The germination and cultivation of Skunk#1 feminized marijuana seeds is more complicated as many counties prohibit the growth and use of marijuana for any purposes whereas other jurisdictions have very little if any prohibition against the cultivation of marijuana for your own personal use. Still others have a complex set of regulations that allow marijuana growth and use for some uses such as medicinal applications while restricting others. Even if we could catalogue the entire legal mumbo-jumbo on marijuana cultivation and use for the entire world it would be out of date by the time it was published as the rules and regulations are constantly changing. We can say that we nether condone nor encourage anyone to break the law and advise them to seek legal advise before germinating marijuana seeds in their locality.

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